internutter whispered: SS headcannon: They're both absolute shits to each other until something goes bad and the other needs help, and then they move heaven and earth to make sure the other one's okay again. Only *THEN* is it fuel for future bickering.

Drabble ahead! 

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pandoraslittleblackbox whispered: The Spine ends up having a bad couple of days where he finds himself much more jittery than he should be over things that normally wouldn't mean much to him - one of these things being a pre planned date with Thomas. They had wanted to just hang out at the part or maybe a cafe, go see a movie, etc. but Thomas can see the visible sighs that The Spine really isn't all that comfortable being out - his verbal glitch is acting up, he's being more clumsy than usual, not saying as much, etc. (cont.)

Normally he’d be fine but right now he’s just constantly worrying that he’s going to do something that’ll mess it all up. It’s at the point where he accidentally knocks over a glass of water and wont stop apologizing over it that Thomas takes him by the hand and asks if he’d just like to go back to Walter Manor and watch something on TV.
Spine agrees but he’s still kind of really upset that he mucked up their date and Thomas is probably angry and doesn’t want to be seen with an old thing like him in public. When they get inside, Thomas is sure to grab a big blanket from a spare room and a gallon of water before they take over one of the TV rooms and wraps the both of them together while flipping through channels before settling on a Western that he remembers is one of Spine’s favorites. 
Even then he can feel Spine shaking beside him so he just kinda pulls him as close as he can and gives him small kissus on his face and asks him what’s wrong. The only response he gets is a small stuttery thing about how he mucked up the date and he’s sorry if he upset Thomas because he’s such an old, clumsy thing and Thomas just shooshes him and tells him sweet things in quiet french and curls up with him super close for the rest of the day. (this got very very out of hand im sorry)

Eventually The Spine stops shaking and he falls asleep. Thomas doesn’t want to wake him up and go to bed so he just stays there and falls asleep after a while. In the morning The Spine wakes Thomas up with a quiet and stuttery ‘I’m s-s-s-sorry I-I-I ruined our dat-t-t-te’ and Thomas is just with a tone like it’s a fact ‘I have no idea what you are talking about, it was perfect’

All I wanna do
Is see you turn into
Some Gay Robots
some gay robots

Effie Trinket

I made this for an art class project and I’m quite happy with it. 
Made with pen and ink on thick paper. 


The Spine fell on his knees, screaming in pain. He held his head, his entire body tense. He arched his back. He could feel them coming out. Why did it have to hurt? He held his head up, still screaming. The spines that were coming out of his back, tearing his vest.

…That was the prompt from necra98 for our art trade, which unintentionally became extremely relevant over the past couple of days o_o

Probably not what you expected to see, but I decided to try to focus on how it feels, not what it looks like, with all those flares coursing through the body etc.

fullview yep

Here is his part of our art trade. I really like it and yeah…

For the first time since the Peace Treaty, The Spine really wishes he could use his Tesla coil projector again

And here is my part of the art trade with temple-ait
It’s probably not what you expected, but I hope you still like it

Sneaking out

Summary: It’s 1898 and the robots try to sneak out of the manor. Things don’t go as planned…
Warnings: None

This is a gift for the lovely temple-ait, for being my 100 follower


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Doodle dump - spg version

Left to right, top to bottom:
Snake! Spine
Grumpy, just-out-of-bed Rabbit
Babybot Hatchworth giving you a necklace, but being shy
Happy babybot Rabbit
Little comic about Rabbit trying out a walter girl dress

Spine: Rabbit what are you doing?
Rabbit: N-n-n-nothing
Spine: Here, let me help you